Contribucións en Statistical Modelling

The journal Statistical Modelling brings exceptional opportunity to SMS members (and to all statistical modelers) to publish their quality manuscripts (within the journal’s aims and scope found at The journal encourages the submission of different types of manuscripts. The dissemination of new statistical modeling ideas based on problems of real substantive interest is the main goal of our journal. Furthermore, we would like to get self-contained tutorials on topics for which research has historically been spread widely, over different papers or subject areas. Investigation of the novel application of existing or new modeling techniques to interesting practical problems is strongly encouraged.

Currently, the typical approximate time to print stands at a very attractive 9-12 months (including review).

We are also pleased to report that Online First is running smoothly, making our accepted manuscripts fully accessible even earlier,perhaps in just about 4-6 weeks (while allowing color figures).

The editors encourage you to support our journal Statistical Modelling, and look forward to receiving your work.

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